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Mill Bar Angus
Mick & Marlene Cox Family

73786 Ave. 356
Hayse Center, NE 69032
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580 Angus Sell!

Mill Bar Angus
Carcass Evaluated
Production Sale

January 22, 2016 • 1:00 PM
At the Tri-State Livestock Auction, McCook, NE

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to this year's offering of Mill Bar Angus bulls. Each year as I travel around and see these great cattle, either on video auctions, your outfits, or at the auction barns, I’m always truly amazed at the passion and fortitude it takes to produce these awesome steers and replacement heifer calves. They're always pounds heavy, deep, soggy and thick. You cowmen and women are truly doing an outstanding job. Always be proud of the great product that you produce for the American consumer!

The bulls in this offering are absolutely the best that we have ever produced. They too are pounds heavy, with depth, a lot of rib and tremendous muscle shape! We truly believe this is one of the best offerings in America this year! 42 sons of Black Granite, 33 sons of Hickok, and we are excited to report that Hickok has just been enrolled at ABS, 25 sons of Extra 0011- new blood for old customers here - 16 sons of the #1 $Beef sire in the breed 10X, plus awesome sire groups of Pioneer and Mill Bar Went Stellar!

It should also be said that we are our own customers at Mill Bar. In addition to our Registered Herd we also operate a commercial cow/calf operation, and a home grown and speculative stocker operation that leads to the marketing of fed cattle in retained- ownership and grid based systems. Together with our own calves, we actively purchase large numbers of calves from our bull customers. We don't just talk about marketing assistance, we truly are out there buying and bidding on these great cattle.

We hope you can be with us on Friday January 22, 2016 and join us for lunch at noon. All the up-to-date data, including scrotal measurements, performance information from gain tests, ultrasound data and updated yearling weights will be available sale day.

Once again the bulls will sell fully guaranteed and will be delivered free in Nebraska and adjoining states after April 1, 2016 and if you have any questions, or need help with selection, please give me a call.

Mick Cox

Pay close attention to the Mill Bar Angus influenced replacement heifers from Kevin Fornoff’s Diamond Quarter Circle Ranch and Ruggles Land & Cattle, to sell at the conclusion of the bull sale. Also selling will be 140 fancy, Angus, bred heifers from Matt and Camie Cox, all AI bred to Mill Bar Hickok. They are truly a powerful set of replacement heifer calves and bred heifers - not some of the best to sell in Nebraska this year - these will be some of the best to sell in America!

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