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Mill Bar Angus
Mick & Marlene Cox

73786 Ave. 356
Hayes Center, NE 69032
(308) 340-4332


950 Angus Sell!

Complete Dispersal of the entire
Mill Bar Commercial Cow Herd

December 3, 20221 • 1:00 PM
At the Tri-State Livestock Auction, McCook, NE

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Dear Friends,

Mick and Marlene Cox family
Mick and Marlene Cox family

Welcome to our Angus Commercial cow herd dispersal. Father time has finally caught us - bittersweet for sure! It’s been a great life, an awesome way to raise a family and just an end to a 45 year commitment of making Angus cattle better. It is time for us to slow down and enjoy the grandkids and their many activities. We will still have an elite core group of Registered Angus cows and we will still be buying steers from some of the great cow outfits in Nebraska.

We will be offering 400 powerful cows from 3-8 years old that are due to start calving March 1 for a 75 day calving period and bred to high performing Mill Bar and Ruggles Angus bulls, 110 bred heifers from Mill Bar plus 450 heifers that were genetically sourced from some of the best cow outfits in SW Nebraska. All of these heifers are AI bred to Hickok and cleaned up to Hickok sons for a 42 day calving period. One-half of these heifers will start calving on February 15 and the other one-half on March 1. They will be sorted accordingly on sale day. These heifers will be some of the very best to sell in America this year!

A few notes about Hickok…He is an ABS Global sire with an exceptional balance of traits and was #1 @ ABS for four years in a row, 2018-2021. He has an elite birth to growth spread plus tremendous fleshing ability and sound feet and legs along with a docility number in the top 1% of the breed. He has well over 5000 progeny on record and still has a high accuracy low birth weight EPD after 10 years -- definitely a calving ease bull with great numbers!

If you want to stop by and view the cattle be sure to call us. We would love to show them to you.

We hope to see you sale day in McCook, NE on December 3, 2022.

Mick and Marlene Cox
Mill Bar Angus

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